Album di figurine UFO: 1999
A FAN'S NO PROFIT PROJECT BASED UPON UFO SHADO AND SPACE 1999 © Gerry and Sylvia Anderson/ ITV Global Entertainment/ Carlton International Media Ltd
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1980: Aliens invade the Earth. 1999: The moon stood out from the Earth's orbit of the. But what happened between those two dates?
Ufo: 1999 was the name that the Andersons couple wanted initially to give Space 1999, which initially was an abortive project of 1970 for a second season of the series UFO. Gerry Anderson had in mind a sequel to that series, when the master Straker would be able to build a moon base for SHADO far greater than those made in 1980. But the idea never found the favor of who should fund it because of the decline in viewing figures of UFOs and the project was first dismissed and later taken over and transformed dramatically. Our new project is based on an original screenplay, which tends to explain what happened in the 90's when the inhabitants of the earth defeated (perhaps) the alien
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